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Mon 11/16/20 20:27Attendance: Check-in
Mon 11/16/20 20:35Approve-Virtual: Approve the Use of Remote Technology
Mon 11/16/20 20:54Art-1: Reports of Committees
Mon 11/16/20 21:22Art-3-Terminate-Debate: Not Debatable
Mon 11/16/20 21:29Art-3-Amend-Badik: Amendment by A. Badik 11/15/20
Mon 11/16/20 21:35Art-3-Amend-Friedman: Amendment by B. Friedman 11/15/20
Mon 11/16/20 21:51Art-3: Bylaw Amendment/Regulation of Outdoor Lighting – Uplighting
Mon 11/16/20 22:31Art-4-Terminate-Debate: Not Debatable
Mon 11/16/20 22:36Art-4: Bylaw Amendment/Minuteman Bikeway Hours Majority Vote Required (Postpone to 11/23/2020)
Tue 11/17/20 15:39Art-5: Home Rule Legislation/Bylaw Amendment/ Fossil Fuel Infrastructure
Wed 11/18/20 20:18Attendance: Check-in
Wed 11/18/20 20:46Art-5-Terminate-Debate: Not Debatable
Wed 11/18/20 20:53Art-5: Home Rule Legislation/Bylaw Amendment/ Fossil Fuel Infrastructure
Wed 11/18/20 21:27Art-6-Terminate-Debate: Not Debatable
Wed 11/18/20 21:34Art-6-Amend-Kelleher: Amendment by C. Kelleher 11/9/20
Wed 11/18/20 21:39Art-6-Amend-Dray: Amendment by E. Dray 11/13/20
Wed 11/18/20 21:47Art-6: Vote/Establishment of Police Civilian Advisory Board Study Committee
Wed 11/18/20 22:06Art-7-Terminate-Debate: Not Debatable
Wed 11/18/20 22:11Art-7: Vote/Bylaw Amendment/Envision Arlington Updated Language
Wed 11/18/20 22:45Art-8-Terminate-Debate: Not Debatable
Wed 11/18/20 22:53Art-8-Amend-Gersh1: Amendment by J. Gersh #1 "In Section 2" 11/16/20
Wed 11/18/20 22:57Art-8-Amend-Gersh2: Amendment by J. Gersh #2 "In Section 3" 11/16/20
Wed 11/18/20 23:01Art-8-Amend-Gersh3: Amendment by J. Gersh #3 "In Section 3" 11/16/20
Wed 11/18/20 23:06Art-8-Amend-Kelleher1: Amendment by K. Kelleher #1 "In Section G" 11/16/20
Wed 11/18/20 23:12Art-8: Acceptance of Legislation/Bylaw Amendment/ Municipal Affordable Housing Trust Fund
Mon 11/23/20 20:11Attendance: Check-in
Mon 11/23/20 20:39Art-4-Terminate-Debate: Not Debatable
Mon 11/23/20 20:45Art-4-Amend-P.: Muldoon Amendment 11/23/2020
Mon 11/23/20 20:49Art-4: Bylaw Amendment/Minuteman Bikeway Hours
Mon 11/23/20 20:56Art-9-Terminate-Debate: Not Debatable
Mon 11/23/20 21:00Art-9: Vote/Election Modernization Committee
Mon 11/23/20 21:10Art-10-Terminate-Debate: Not Debatable
Mon 11/23/20 21:18Art-10: Acceptance of Legislation/Gold Star Family Tax Exemption
Mon 11/23/20 21:36Art-11-Terminate-Debate: Not Debatable
Mon 11/23/20 21:39Art-11: Home Rule Legislation/Justin Brown
Mon 11/23/20 21:59Art-12-Terminate-Debate: Not Debatable
Mon 11/23/20 22:03Art-12: Home Rule Legislation/Consolidation of Town Meeting Member Elections
Mon 11/23/20 22:17Art-13: Home Rule Legislation/Ranked Choice Voting
Mon 11/23/20 22:25Art-14-Terminate-Debate: Not Debatable
Mon 11/23/20 22:30Art-14: Home Rule Legislation/Senior Water Discount
Mon 11/30/20 20:09Attendance: Check-in
Mon 11/30/20 20:39Art-23-Terminate-Debate: Not Debatable
Mon 11/30/20 20:43Art-23: Capital Budget/DPW Yard
Mon 11/30/20 20:59Art-24-Terminate-Debate: Not Debatable
Mon 11/30/20 21:03Art-24: Appropriation/Community Preservation Fund
Mon 11/30/20 21:26Art-15-Terminate-Debate: Not Debatable
Mon 11/30/20 22:12Art-15-Terminate-Debate: Not Debatable
Mon 11/30/20 22:16Art-15: Home Rule Legislation/Retired Police Officer Details
Mon 11/30/20 22:19Art-16: Zoning Bylaw Amendment/Definitions Related to Open Space
Wed 12/02/20 20:13Attendance: Check-in
Wed 12/02/20 20:29Art-17-Terminate-Debate: Not Debatable
Wed 12/02/20 20:36Art-17-Amend-Ruderman: Amendment by M.Ruderman 11/4/2020
Wed 12/02/20 20:39Art-17: Zoning Bylaw Amendment/Notice of Demolition, Open Foundation Excavation, New Construction, Or Large Additions
Wed 12/02/20 20:46Art-18-19: Zoning Bylaw Amendment/Improving Residential Inclusiveness..& Accessory Dwelling Units
Wed 12/02/20 21:44Art-20-Terminate-Debate: Not Debatable
Wed 12/02/20 21:48Art-20: Zoning Bylaw Amendment/Parking Reductions in The B3 And B5 Districts
Wed 12/02/20 21:57Art-21: Zoning Map Amendment/Rezone Town Property
Wed 12/02/20 22:01Art-22: Collective Bargaining
Wed 12/02/20 22:24Art-25-Amend:: Mr. Brown's Motion
Wed 12/02/20 22:30Art-25: Resolution/Black Lives Matter Banner at Town Hall
Thu 03/18/21 9:32Attendance: Check-in
Mon 06/13/22 12:00Attendance: Check-in